Tudung Wearing Nurses Will Be A Reality…Most Probably.

We’ve talked at length about the possibility that Muslim nurses will have the option to wearing the tudung at work soon.

Now we have yet another sign that might actually come to pass…maybe.

Like a turtle slowly making its way to the finish line, the government is dropping hints (oh so slowly) that it is indeed on its way to allowing the much requested change to the nursing uniform.

PM Lee himself was behind the news drop this time.


After yet another dialogue session with Muslim community and religious leaders, the PM reaffirmed earlier comments that the government is inching its way to a positive (for the Muslim nurses) outcome.

Unfortunately, that outcome is NOT coming soon.

For those hoping to have the tudung issue settled in the next few months, prepare to be disappointed. PM Lee’s mentioned that he might possibly make a decision by the time the National Day Rally rolls around. That’s at the end of August for those scratching your heads. Yeah…nowhere near soon, I’m afraid.

Then again, after years of lobbying, what’s another few months if it means a positive outcome right?

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