Deliveroo Rider Is Pissed At Deliveroo For Being Fired And Its Policies.

As a food delivery company, Deliveroo might not be as recognizable as Grab but it still has some local recognition. In that sense, you’d think the company would be more compassionate to its workers, if nothing more than for good PR.

That doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

Enter Muhammad Zuffri.

He was a Deliveroo rider who has been recently terminated for alleged issues with his pickup and tardiness.

The problem is, Zuffri claims that it’s a GPS issue.

Deliveroo on the other hand, says otherwise. They claim that Zuffri’s been playing hooky, taking his time to get to restaurants, leaving the restaurant and coming back later and all sorts of shenanigans.

I’m partial to Zuffri’s claim for a number of reasons.

First, I know how finicky GPS can be.

Pokemon Go regularly places my Avatar inaccurately. So does Google Maps. There’s a reason why GPS apps usually have a disclaimer saying the location may not be completely accurate.

Other riders also back up his claims.

There’s even a Deliveroo customer who claims the app screwed up with him too!

On top of that, I’m also convinced of his argument where he says it doesn’t make sense for him to leave a restaurant and come back later. Why would he? He’s there to pick up the food and he’s already checked in at the location, why would he move away?

Then again, there could be more to it than those reasons.

Based on the replies to Zuffri’s post, it seems firings from delivery companies are a regular thing.

Long Tiger’s post is in Malay, but translated he basically says that there have been a ton of terminations since last month. That statement is also backed up by Amir Ismail, though his firing was 2 years ago. There are also other comments saying the same thing too, that they’ve been fired unfairly.

Legit or not, these commenters paint a troubling picture of delivery companies and their work policies.

Other commenters tell Zuffri to just take the firing and move on.

As for the wait to get his earnings, that seems to be company policy, as another commenter says.

Sucky company policy aside, it really does seem that Zuffri’s been shafted by Deliveroo here. Not only does the guy seem to be a competent worker, he’s now financially stressed out because of the firing and delay in his pay.

Hopefully somebody at Deliveroo reaches out to him and makes this right.

At the very least, their payment policy needs a look at. Perhaps exceptions can be made for those who are fired or urgently need their earnings.

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