Muslim Netizens Are Losing Trust in MUIS Following Revelation of Deviant Religious Teacher Who Has Been Investigated Since 2015.


Religion is a touchy subject. The biggest ones have tons of branches and offshoots that vary in their beliefs. Some are accepted as official, most are branded as heretical, blasphemous and worse…radical. Being a Muslim can be trying in today’s climate with Islamophobia running rampant.

Yesterday, it’s made known that there is an ongoing investigation against an individual who’s purported to be teaching a corrupted, deviant version of Islam which says gaming is permitted (among other things).

Apparently, the man has been under MUIS’ investigation since 2015.

The original probe was settled via a ‘formal advisory’ but then reopened again when new evidence presented itself.

This is the kind of stuff that erodes public confidence in something…and Malay Muslims completely agree on that.

For those who don’t understand Malay, the posters are basically exclaiming their disbelief that the investigation’s taking so long. One even comments that it’ll only be over when Judgement Day is here.

For years, MUIS has been keeping silent on this. How do you take years to investigate one man to see if he’s guilty or not? Incompetence? The infamous ‘relak ah’ attitude of the malays?

If he’s not quilty, why restart the investigation? If he is, why wasn’t he dealt with earlier?

This isn’t just my opinion…other Netizens are thinking the same thing.

Translated, the comments basically ask what was MUIS doing this whole time? Can we even trust their words?

From what I’ve read, the man has 5 ‘spiritual’ wives. What are spirituals wives? Nobody but those involved know and they aren’t telling.

It gets even worse when you consider that those women were reportedly lured away from their husbands. Even creepier, a Straits Times article claims that he regards himself as a prophet and has ONLY female Muslim followers. He even has the women (who apparently are educated) vehemently defending him.

That’s cult leader territory folks. Brainwashing 101!

How much more evidence do you need on the guy before he can be locked up and the key thrown away?

Yet MUIS still hasn’t done anything more than issue a formal advisory to the man.

What will it take to finally bring this man to justice? A mass suicide?

Hopefully the authorities will act on this sooner rather than later…especially since MUIS seems to be dragging their feet.

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