Fools Endanger Kids At Playground With Their Reckless Stunts.

What do you expect to see at a kids’ playground? Kids playing on a swing, climbing things, running around…that kind of fun stuff right? It’s a safe space for kids to be around each other without needing to worry about pretty much anything else. Not to these fools.

How would you feel if two idiots decided to enter that space and use it as their personal gymnastics ring? I’m not talking tumbles or rolls here. I’m talking standing flips, with limbs flopping out whichever way.

Yeah, that’s not a pretty picture to imagine….but it’s actually something that happened.

It’s just a matter of time when somebody’s kid gets kicked in the face or worst, squashed when said flipping fool lands on them.

Despite my obvious disdain for the idiots, I actually feel for them a bit.

Flipping around seems like fun, but you can’t just do it anywhere.

An open field is too uneven, concrete is too hard and rough. Both can lead to disastrous injuries. The rubbery floor in the playground is pretty much the next best thing to a gym mat. In a sense, it’s completely understandable why they’d be there.

Unfortunately, their activity has no place being at a kids’ playground, at least not while there are a ton of children running around playing.

Technically, they’re not doing anything wrong.

Look at the sign. Nothing there to say flipping around is prohibited.

Logically though…that’s another matter. It’s inconsiderate and selfish, especially at a crowded playground.

When confronted, the boys just shrugged off legitimate complaints by Adrian Tan and dared him to call the police.

Needless to say, their actions didn’t sit well with Netizens, with pretty much everybody voicing their displeasure at what happened.

Unfortunately, even if Adrian had called the police, I don’t think they’d be able to help as the fools aren’t breaking any playground laws or regulations.

However…the fact that they’re not wearing masks is another matter entirely.

I honestly wished that Adrian had called the police.

I’d loved to see what excuses they had for that, especially when kids doing much more strenuous activities (like running and climbing) in the background were wearing their masks.

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