One System, Two Standards: Why Do Taxis Get Special Treatment When It Comes to Child Seats?

Whenever you see something that’s a double standard, it always boils your blood doesn’t it? The latest thing to be brought to the forefront? Why do taxis get a pass from needing child seats for those with young kids?

It’s a valid question, especially now that it’s been brought to my attention.

That’s something that Louis Ng (MP for Nee Soon) talked about just a few days ago.

As somebody who doesn’t have kids yet, this thought hasn’t really occurred to me. For me and the missus, it’s just a simple matter to book cabs or private hire cars.

It’s a different matter when you’re parents, especially when reading through the replies on Louis’ post. Before we delve into that, here are the reasons why taxis currently don’t need to have child seats; they’re classified as public transport so are subject to the same laws as buses and the MRT.

Needless to say, Louis’ post had its fair share of posters who agreed with him.

There are also people who think otherwise.

Some proposed that the onus is on parents; they’re the ones who have to carry portable booster seats for their kids.

Then there are a couple that say that a taxi should have at least one.

That’s a reasonable request, but it also brings up the question of health. In light of COVID-19, how can we be sure that publicly used seat is clean?

It might seem like a cut and dry case but then as you think about it, there are layers you might never have considered.

Case in point, parents being against making taxis have child seats!

These parents also bring up a good point, especially to those that suggest parents carry around a booster/ child seat for when they get into cabs. How can a single parent even carry THREE seats? One in each hand and one around the neck or tied the back?!

Then there’s also the point that a taxi equipped with a booster seat will reduce capacity. What if you’re in a group of four or have luggage or items that require space? Where’s the booster seat supposed to go?

Both sides of the camp raised some very important points to consider. There are valid reasons on both sides of the aisle.

Unless you think this dude is right.

What about you? Are you for or against the idea?

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