April Fools’ 2021 Jokes: Some of The Best and The Worst!

Hard to believe it’s already time for April Fools’ 2021!

Pranking someone is always seen as the easiest thing in the world to do, but the truth couldn’t be further from that. It is an art that takes years to be mastered, and even then, it needs to be honed regularly.

Since yesterday was April Fools’ 2021, it’s time to judge how well some brands have come up with their jokes for the year.

Burger King

First up is Burger King’s Chocolate Whooper.

This reveal was the first piece of news of the day I encountered, and I was utterly impressed. I mean, to combine chocolate and burgers sounds like a wonderful prank on anyone who craves them. It’s also a deceptive way to kill off some people by overdosing them on chocolate and making their heart explode!

Then I realized this wasn’t meant to be a prank. It was real, and it’s going to be on sale until 15 April!

The thought of eating something like that destroyed my appetite…but it did make me curious enough to perhaps get somebody I know to try. Sure they might die, but I think’s it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Sometimes you have to know when to stop, and unfortunately for Burger King, they went full-on nuts with their prank until it consumed their senses.

Now if only I can find somebody stupid enough to try one of these…

Funny Rating: 4 / 5


Ah, yes, Ikea.

The buggers that charge for every single thing like shipping and assembly. And yet, despite all that money rolling around, those cheapskates made a prank video out of their Ikea bags shaped as clothing.

I’m really curious to know how the brainstorming meeting for this video went?

It must have been something like this:

So guys, give me an idea that requires me to use very little money for April’s Fools. Oh, and we definitely cannot hire any actors or use expensive props! So, any suggestions?



Funny Rating: 2/5


Razer is well known for putting its Chroma (LED lights) into pretty much everything they make, so it makes sense that they’d want to stick with what they know. Yeah, Chroma…except this time you’re the product!

What better way to do just that than by throwing their creativity into a filter to attract all the crazy millennials, right?

However, I pity those who don’t have any hair on their heads to employ this filter, my condolences. Maybe use a wig?

Seeing the colors on people did remind me of My Little Pony and the Care Bears though…which is weird. I wonder why that is.

Funny Rating: 3/5


Cookies are life. Cookies are love. Cookies should not be desecrated even as a joke. Cookies are everything that is right with the world condensed into edible form.

Yet Subway dared to cross that line and has shown that they have no morals when it comes to April’s Fools.

And while this sinful act of adding veggies onto cookies induces my wrath, I’ll have to acknowledge their bravery for creating a prank that has caused a great disturbance in the Force.

Subway will pay dearly for their blasphemy against cookies, but at least we got a chuckle out of it. Was it worth it though Subway?

Funny Rating: 5/5


Plagiarism is not a joke, even if you’re a franchise that loves its slogan, ‘It’s finger lickin’ good’, a little too much. 

Come on, KFC, Durex already made a joke with durian condoms and here you are making a joke about a KFC Box with durians!

It’s low hanging fruit! Duh…Singaporeans like durians right?! Duuuuh…let’s make something with durians as an April Fools’ 2021 Joke!

Where’s your effort? Where’s your creativity? Where’s the funny joke? 

We are greatly disappointed in you. You have failed us for the last time. Rotan sama dia!

Funny Rating: 1/5


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