How I Wasted My Time By Going To The Popular Warehouse Sale 2021.

Remember that feeling you often get about a day that’s probably not going to go all that well? Well, there’s usually a reason for it, and sometimes the best way to deal with it is to say, ‘To Hell with that day‘!

Unfortunately, I didn’t do that and got screwed for it.

Here’s some background: according to an article by Mothership, 31 March (today!) is supposed to be the start of a vast Popular Warehouse Sale that allows customers to pay 30 bucks for a basket full of items.

Seems simple enough, right? 

Well, that’s precisely what Sal (Editor-in-Chief of TheSGLife) concluded.

He then cunningly began scheming that he could use this as an opportunity to splurge and make me write an article about it!

Free advice, never trust a person who loves cats more than any human.

Fast forward to the faithful day, which didn’t even start right from the moment I got up.

Sal was running late, and I was told to go to the Popular Warehouse Sale first to get in the queue. Singaporeans are kiasu, right? Sure got long queue one!

In hindsight, I should have trusted my instincts, ignore the text and gone back to bed.

Despite it all, I acquiesced. I left my home and went on to do my job like a Boss!

It would have been so badass if only it weren’t a fool’s errand.

Popular Warehouse sale

Once I reached the location, I was greeted by a massive void that resembled my plans for the future.

It was shockingly an impossible sight to behold; Singaporeans not being kiasu for a warehouse sale? Where were the crowds? The people who camped overnight?!

It can’t be true, can it?

Well, as it turns out, it wasn’t. Not one damn bit.

I knew something was very wrong, so I approached the security guard to confirm my suspicions. He began explaining that the Popular warehouse sale was only accessible to those who signed up beforehand and that all slots were already full!

Popular Warehouse sale

The confusion was real.

I was very sure that I didn’t remember seeing any registration on Mothership’s post, so I contacted Sal to confirm it. To my disappointment, the guard was right about the registration and about being fully booked on Eventbrite.

I trusted you Mothership, I trusted you…

And it seemed like we weren’t the only ones who didn’t realise that there was some form of registration involved. Some people were seen to arrive afterwards, only to leave as soon as they came.

Popular Warehouse sale

Apart from such an uneventful day, I have to give thanks to the security guard that provided me with the necessary information.

Despite it being his first day there (at least that’s what he said), he was surprisingly very accommodating to my queries and helpful.

So maybe it wasn’t all that bad?

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