Donald Trump Has A New Website…And It’s Full Of Lies.

The Orange Man is back. Yup, Herr Drumpf, he who led the USA down the path to ruin is now back online spouting his hatred and lies on a new platform. Yup, after being banned from pretty much all mainstream social media, Donald Trump decided it’s time to create his own website.

You can view it at, but honestly? You really shouldn’t.

Like Donald Trump, the website is full of lies, deception and outright cons.

Donald Trump

The site’s About page doesn’t even try to stick to the truth. The first sentence is already full of crap…and it just keeps on gathering more of it as its goes on. It’s reads like a delusional parody of real world events, a reality where Donald Trump is the messiah sent to save the USA and the world.

I particularly love the part about the COVID-19.

Donald Trump

The paragraph paints Trump as a bastion of hope, when in reality, he’s anything but! He rejected advice from medical professionals, false claimed that COVID-19 would go away and through his inaction, caused the deaths of thousands of Americans.

Hell, it’s safe to say that the state the US is in right now (which is to say crappy), is because of Donald Trump.

I’d love to pick apart his website but frankly, I’d rather spend the time doing something else.

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