Lee Suet Fern Might Have Just Found Her New Career!

As somebody who doesn’t really keep an ear to Singapore politics, Lee Suet Fern is just a periphery player to me.

She’s married to Lee Hsien Yang, she does quilts, she was a lawyer (and will be again after her suspension)…and now she does dresses too, as revealed by hubby Lee Hsien Yang.

I’m actually pretty impressed!

I don’t know her personally and won’t comment on all the politics surrounding her but it actually takes massive skill to make dresses. I know that from experience; two of my aunties used to be seamstresses.

Seeing them sew away at their sewing machines for hours at a time just to make sure everything is done right. The meticulous measuring, the need for unerring straightness.

They might look simplistic, but hey, how many of us can sew dresses? I will admit to being a bit meh towards the pink one though. It’s pretty…ugly. I guess there’s no dancing around that.

The other two? Actually pretty decent from my view. I prefer the blue one with the flowers most of all. It looks simple but elegant and the color and flower motif match well.

With months ahead of her before she can go back to being a lawyer (if she even does), I wonder what Lee Suet Fern will produce next. I’m weirdly curious now…

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