Bus Captain Helps Out Woman Without Mask By Giving Her His Spare.

When you hear a report about a Bus Captain, what do you expect? Your mind will probably jump to the conclusion that’s it’s definitely going to be something bad.

We’re so used to only focus on the negative stuff that it might seem rare to see acts of kindness. That’s why when something wholesome pops up, you just grab it and shout it out to the world.

Just like this incident!

Facebook user UpsJackie Jha Gonzales Dajay posted about this incident to the Complaint Singapore Facebook group. It’s not a complaint, but a shoutout to a kind incident she witnessed.

bus captain

Apparently a woman boarding Bus 129 wasn’t wearing her mask. Realizing that she was breaking the law, the woman asked her companion to leave the bus (and possibly to go get a mask with her).

Instead of just letting her leave, the Bus Captain stepped up to the plate and actually offered her his spare mask. No hesitation, no thoughts of compensation. He just offered his spare out the of the goodness of his heart.

Unfortunately, we don’t know who this exemplary Bus Captain is. Various Netizens have suggested to Jackie (the original poster) to bring this matter up to SBS to have the driver commended.

Hopefully Jackie does that and the identity of the captain is made public! We deserve to know who he is.

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