The Tudung Situation Is Becoming Incredibly Stupid.

Stupidity defines us all. There is no such thing as someone being cleverer than the other because there’s always going to be something we don’t know. However, there’s always going to be another distinct group of stupid people that are just plain imbeciles who never tend to go extinct for some reason.

And the worst part, these fools have begun to multiply ever since the Tudungs were announced to, possibly, make a comeback! 

At the start of it, I didn’t think much of everything. It just looked like kids squabbling over different perspectives, the usual whining nonsense. However, shit got real when I perused some of the comments by Netizens in an article by Sal yesterday.

Many people were constantly complaining about the Government giving in to Muslims for their needs. Hell, there were even extraordinary dummies who even said this could lead to an Islamic state in Singapore. 

Truthfully, I’m shocked. I’m so shocked that we have so many educated stupid people in Singapore. It’s like a small army of baby Trumps screaming in unison over a piece of clothing.

Has it gotten so difficult for people to understand that this isn’t anything new? This practice has been going on for god knows how long, and I’m not talking about Muslims alone. I’m talking about everyone in Singapore.

If you don’t believe me, then take a look at our schools. 

We have Singhs who wear turbans; we have Muslim women teachers wearing tudungs; we have Indian males wearing ear studs; we have Chinese people wearing talismans. 

If that’s not enough to ease your dumbness, even the freaking army allows turban!

So it makes zero sense when these specific idiots who keep whining about fairness are only fixated on nurses and not everything else as a whole. And the worst part, even when you offer them reasonable logically explanations, they refute it without even thinking it through!

Honestly, I’m not even sure if the Tudungs are even the problem anymore for some of them. I think it might be some deep fear of not seeing beautiful women with their luscious hair in clinics anymore.

At this stage, I would totally respect someone if they were whining that everything needs to change because it’s not fair to all races in general rather than a hypocrite who only sees what he wants to see as a coward.

Like most people, I seriously can’t wait to laugh at the whiners when this order goes through.

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