Ngee Ann Poly Hazing: Netizens Are Furious!

No matter who you are, we’ve all done some stupid things during our younger days. However, I doubt most of us have done something as stupid as these students from Ngee Ann Poly!

On March 22, a disturbing video clip from Ngee Ann Poly began circulating the internet. It was a video of several students urinating on each other in a public toilet in the name of hazing the freshmen.

Needless to say, local Netizens who watched it weren’t exactly impressed.

Yep, I know what you’re thinking; it can’t be real, right? Well, it’s all true and creepy as hell. And the fact that these idiots are in Poly and that their brains decided it was okay to do this is just unbelievable.

Oh, and the crazy thing is, this isn’t the worst part of it all! The worst part is that one of the students has come forth advising everyone to calm the hell down because it was consensual. I mean, what the actual f***?

This hazing situation is getting so bad that I have to pinch myself to believe it now. I honestly believe hazing is a stupid ‘tradition’ that needs to be eliminated. It’s even caused a death in the SCDF!

Anyone with a brain would immediately tell you that this isn’t a hazing ritual but straight up bullying, and that is how it looks to most Netizens.

Reading that ‘statement’ was cringe as hell, especially with the ‘mans’ and ‘yos’ and the ‘aints’ but above all, it reads as somebody was being forced to write it.

The people firmly believe this to be a case of bullying and that it should be investigated thoroughly.

Other Netizens have begun to blame this situation on the institution itself for neglecting to assign a proper authority figure to supervise.

If you thought Ngee Ann Poly losing face because of this hazing was bad enough, wait until the parents start calling them up to give them hell.

It’s going to be a grim experience.

And as for the rest, they are utterly pissed at the student who called it ‘mindless fun’.

His lack of dignity, self-respect and decency for himself is so appalling that people are so mad online. The student thought his dumb consensual text would garner understanding; instead, all he got was hate. Deserved or not, I leave it up to you.

To say that this incident has incited some concerning thoughts about future generations is an understatement.

How are we supposed to hand over the future to idiots who think that degrading one another is fun?

Maybe it’s time for Singapore’s education system to ponder how it can ensure that the younger generations are equipped with substantial EQ before IQ for all of our sakes.

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