Hamish Brown Says WE Should Stand Up For Singapore, Blasts MCCY Response As ‘Limp Wristed and Spineless’.

The fallout from the Count on Me Singapore incident continues! Now it’s former radio personality Hamish Brown throwing his hat into the ring to make what he thinks known.

…and it’s certainly not a pretty picture.

Here’s the full thing, ripped right off Hamish’s Facebook page.

hamish brown

Hamish certainly didn’t pull any punches with his commentary. Honestly, from reading the comments all over social media regarding this, he’s pretty much voicing the frustrations most of us have with how Singapore’s government is treating the issue.

Hamish Brown raises a lot of good points in his rant.

He talks about how weak the responses from the government has been against this attack on Singapore’s identity. He talks about how spineless it makes Singapore seem, despite posturing from the government about protecting the country against all threats. He talks about pissing off Singaporeans who holds the song dear with the Ministry’s glib (and wholly inappropriate) response about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery. He even talks about CECA and its secretive nature.

All good and valid points.

With CECA at the forefront of many Singaporeans’ minds, its hard not to see this as the government rolling over to please India.

Until somebody in power steps up and unleashes a smackdown of epic proportions to this national insult, I reckon the ire Singaporeans have against India (whether justified or not) will just keep on growing and until it boils to a head.

Hopefully somebody does something before that happens.

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