News Outlet Says Malaysians In Myanmar Head To Singaporean Embassy For Help…Commenters Say Otherwise. Who Is Right?!

malaysians in myanmar

The situation in Myanmar is rapidly going from bad to worse. Every day there are more demonstrations, crackdowns and casualties. It’s a pretty unsafe place for the locals, even more so for foreign nationals…such as Malaysians in Myanmar.

Weirdly, we’ve heard a claim that Malaysian citizens in the country would head to our embassy instead of theirs.

Sensational isn’t it? Salacious even! Treasonous maybe?

The thought that our neighboring rivals would consciously pick our embassy instead of theirs is ludicrous right?

Not according to The Malaysian Insight.

Malaysians in Myanmar

The article’s behind a paywall so we’ll repost it in full here.

Ummm…Wondering where the hyped up Malaysians going to Singaporean Embassy bits come in? Well…so are we!

Two short paragraphs and a dubious source is all we get. Where are these Malaysians you guys mentioned? I only read about one anonymous source and that’s it! That’s ONE! SINGULAR!

I don’t know about you but that hardly satisfies my curiosity! We need more details on this, The Malaysian Insight! Don’t leave us hanging bro!

Reading the comments, it seems like Malaysian citizens in Myanmar have the opposite feeling. They’ve been very vocal…saying nothing but good stuff about the Malaysian Embassy.

In fact…you could say they repeat the same thing over and over and over.

Suspiciously even…

Hmmm…Malaysian living and working in Myanmar? Check. Flights from Myanmar mentioned? Check. Praises for the Embassy and Ambassador? Check.

Tons more posts are like this, always with a variety of the three checked points.

Makes you wonder…are these real Malaysians working there…or are they embassy staff? Technically, they ARE Malaysians working in Myanmar.

They’re not lying! They’re definitely telling the truth…from a certain point of view.

Smart thinking there guys!

Obviously, we’re not sure whether this is true or not…on one hand, the source only lists one example. Even then, its with an anonymous person…who may or not be real. That’s pretty iffy already.

On the other hand, the comments in the comments section seems a bit too forced. Most seem to be saying the same things over and over…like there’s a checklist of stuff they need to highlight. Is it coincidence? Or could they be scripted?

What do you guys think?

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