Is There A Way To Convince The People To Accept A GST Hike Positively When You’re Lacking The Magic and Showmanship of LKY?

With COVID-19 being under control (at least locally), it’s about time for us to move on to the next item that is on the people’s mind…or at least will be soon. That being the upcoming GST Hike.

Mentioned before in previous Budget announcements (and again in this year’s), the GST Hike is a sore point to Singaporeans. Any increase in expense will probably be…nobody likes to spend more!

Instead, Calvin Chong’s saying that it doesn’t have to be.

What Singapore is lacking in right now is inspired leadership to rally behind.

None are however, the next LKY…something Calvin Chong’s picked up on.

gst hike

It’s true to a certain extent…but it’s also a fallacy in others.

LKY had the benefit of the times and the desperation of the people to utilize. When you have nothing to lose, it’s easy to get the masses behind you. Nowadays, Singaporeans are much more educated and unwilling to shake up the established way of things.

The 4G leaders in PAP-ruled Singapore have nothing to sell to the masses. Yes our lives can be improved, but how can they be improved in the scale of the past? Moving from kampungs to HDBs…is something of that scale (in execution, if not in physicality) even possible now?

Also holding back the support of the masses is the feeling that not every avenue has been tried to stave off the GST tax.

gst hike

To make a bitter pill like a GST Hike easier to swallow, the PAP’s going to need somebody with the flair and showmanship of LKY and the ability to read the political pulse of the nation in modern times…which (according to comments in the post) PAP doesn’t have in its stable.

What do you think of this? Is there somebody in the current crop of leaders that you think would be able to pull this off?

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