WTF? Netizens Ridicule Alleged Terrorist Due To His PES Status.

Well, this certainly wasn’t the kind of start to the year that I was hoping to see, but it’s the only one we, unfortunately, got. But if truth be told, I think I’m starting to miss the good ol’ days when COVID-19 was our biggest concern and not homegrown radicals.

By now, you must have heard about the recent arrest made by the Internal Security Department (ISD) of a 20-Year-Old Ex-NSF who planned to attack Rochor Synagogue. It’s honestly satisfying to know that ISD was on top of this problem and that they managed to solve it before anything could happen.

However, it is also disturbing to realise that this is now the second radical case this year, the first being a 16-year-old who plotted to attack Muslims at two local Mosques. This dangerous trend of homegrown radicals is increasing at an alarming rate, and it goes to show that even the best of us can be turned with honeyed words.

As for Netizens on the very matter, none are amused by this new development, nor do they have any sympathy. It’s accurately the same tale again of yet another young person who lacks any real experience in the world, influenced by the events happening around the world.

And as much as I’d like to pity these gullible fools for getting radicalised, taking lives is where I draw the line. 

Strangely enough, there’s another group of Netizens who seem to be all too relaxed about the situation. You’d think that a homegrown radical in our very own army would warrant some level of seriousness, but instead, it has become something of a joke for these people.

That’s right; some people are making fun of the Ex-NSF radical for being a clerk, possibly due to a down PES status. I know; I’m shocked at their simplicity too. Singapore is in a state of shock that radicals are brewing left and right, and here we are with a group that’s joking that he’s not fit to be a radical.

I mean, how ridiculous does someone have to be to believe that just because you’re physically unfit, you cannot be radicalised? A person’s PES status and vocation do not determine if he can be influenced; only his beliefs determine that. As long as a person ends up believing what he is doing is right, then the game is afoot.

And once everyone begins to observe that, it becomes easier to comprehend the bigger picture. The bigger picture being, young minds are immensely susceptible to information, and it can play a major part in shaping their beliefs to the core.

Thus, it’s not even enough to be just vigilant anymore.

No, it’s crucial to ensure that the beliefs of the younger people are not misguided. It is necessary to educate and expose them to the real workings of the world. And condition them to understand that cruelty is not the answer to cruelty before it becomes too late, like those two radicals in cuffs now.

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