The Tudung Conundrum: What do Netizens think?

There’s a topic on the rise that’s been catching fire recently, but it’s not exactly new. The necessity of allowing tudung (headscarves or hijab as it’s also known) to be part of uniforms has always been debated, with no real solution to the issue. And once again, we are faced with the very same question.

On March 8, in Parliament, the subject was brought up by Aljunied GRC MP Faisal Manap. However, the Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Masagos Zulkifli responded against the idea by saying that uniformed services must remain secular. Thus, avoiding any visible religious marker is a necessary move.

Now, I, for one, never quite understand the hypocrisy behind this declaration of maintaining neutrality. So if tudung are an obvious religious marker, then what about Turbans in armed forces’ uniforms?

By that understanding, are people’s needs considered less important than the armed forces? The discrimination of rights is so obvious, yet the Government clearly can’t see it.

The Government fails to see that when you want to enforce a rule, do it thoroughly or else not at all. But don’t get me, I’m not saying that we should get rid of turbans, but quite the opposite. Let people be who they are; it’s their identity and their right.

It has nothing to do with being neutral because we are all different. Isn’t this a country of racial harmony? Then why are we afraid to show it in all aspects?

Thankfully, it seems not everyone shares the Government’s narrow-minded way of thinking. We are already in 2021, and people are finding this reasoning of neutrality absurd.

Perhaps the Government should ask the common people and not hold onto their ancient beliefs. Times have changed, and people have too.

Then again, every case has a different side. And the same can be said for this, as some people are for Masagos’s view of maintaining a proper standard without the use of Tudung.

While some do make good points of maintaining a conventional uniform for all, their views still become invalid, especially since the Government has already allowed turbans onto uniforms. It just displays biased judgement.

This guy, however, has the right idea about this impossible situation. If you want to be logical about it, then banning everything should be a logical move, no? If not, then you’re just another hypocrite for allowing some rules to some people and denying them to the rest.

It’s time for everyone to think about this situation and think about it to the core.

Are we truly practicing what we preach to ourselves?

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