TV Personality Selva Caught Using His Reputation For Sexual Favours.

UPDATE: Mediacorp has reached out to us saying that Selva is just a freelancer working with them and is not an employee. The title has been changed to reflect that.

The title pretty much says it all. TV personality (who appears on Mediacorp’s Vasantham channel) Selva has been caught with his hands in the cookie jar, proposing a sex act (including a private show!) with an aspiring actor.

Here are the lurid details in screenshots.

You might want a barf bag handy for this.

It’s sick, isn’t it? A veteran trying to use his position for sexual favours.

It all starts out innocent enough, with Selva messaging Dev and asking him if he’d like to work together. It’s fine for awhile until it’s not.

Selva soon turns on the ‘charm’ hinting to Dev that he’d like to see a private show of Dev naked.

If that’s not gag-worthy, later on Selva even proposes (and I quote) a ‘celebrity blow job’ as a reward. Stranger Danger! STRANGER DANGER!

Of course, Dev exposes Selva for the snake that he is by releasing their messages on his FB page.

Selva does what all guilty people do; tries to blame it all on hackers.

Problem is the exchange between Dev and Selva? It was on Whatsapp, not Facebook. So was his Whatsapp hacked too? Not bloody likely.

Selva, not one to back down, even goes further down the rabbit hole by threatening Dev with litigation.

Hot damn! Know when to quit bro!

Suffice to say, after this I fully expect Mediacorp to drop Selva from future collaborations like a hot potato.

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