Mum Drives Child and Husband To Breaking Point With Her Attention Seeking.

It can be mentally draining dealing with other people even on the best of days. What happens though if you need to deal with an attention seeking family member EVERY day of the week?

That’s exactly what this poster on the Everything Singapore By Stomp group has to go through daily.

attention seeking

It’s a sizeable wall of text to go through so I’ll just break it down for you.

Randy Seet‘s (the poster) mum claims to have a mysterious disease that makes her weak to walk and stand on her feet. She’ll regularly fall, requiring the poster (and their father) to keep watch over the mum at all times, even going so far as taking leave (and unpaid leave) from work to do so.

That’s sad but understandable…until Randy reveals that his mum may have been faking it all along.

According to him, the mother is fine whenever she needs to work. Zero issues. However, as soon as she’s off, the falling and weakness spells begin again.

It’s gotten to be so suspicious that the poster is actually suspecting that their mum is doing it to get attention from him and his father. After so long being in such a state, Randy is at his wits’ end, having been crying and is emotionally spent.

It’s definitely a sad state of affairs, especially if the mother is preying on the family’s love and affection for her attention seeking. If it is the case, she definitely needs psychiatric help as soon as possible.

Reading the comments on the post, a lot of Netizens are thinking the same thing.

Whatever the cause of the mother’s issues, whether it’s physical or psychological, getting her in front of medical professionals is the best bet. Still, Randy does mention in the comments that this has been going for a decade and that normal doctors can’t find anything medically wrong with her. As for psychological help, Randy says his mother’s been resisting all efforts to get her help on that front.

I think Randy should be applauded for having the damn courage to post about his issues on the Internet. As a man, showing any sort of emotion (particularly weakness) is pretty much frowned upon in society. I’m honestly impressed by Randy’s willingness to let the world know what his issue is.

However, there are some idiots on the post that should be ashamed of themselves.

Despite laying it all out in his post, there are still fools who chime in to say that Randy’s being an unfilial son.

An unfilial son wouldn’t bother posting about his issues online or asking for the opinion of total strangers on how to help out his mum. Why would he? He’s already unfilial, which means he doesn’t give a crap about the mum. From what I’ve read of Randy, the guy’s the opposite of that.

Randy bro, if you’re reading this, I hope things work out well for your family. Stay strong!

Remember, if you or somebody you know needs help, don’t ignore them and hope they can sort things out for themselves. Try to pitch in, or failing that, try to get them help from social services, which you can find out more from this link.

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