Kind Samaritan Helps Unconscious Man That Others Just Ignored.

What do you do if you see somebody passed out on the ground? I’d like to think most of we would be a good Samaritan and help, right? Is that the human thing to do? The right thing to do?

Unfortunately, as Lily Ng found out, that’s not really the case when it comes to Singaporeans.

It seems that we’ve moved on from being a kaypoh society to being a apathetic one.


I’m honestly aghast reading the post.

Passersby completely ignoring an unconscious Grab delivery man lying in what looks to be a public pass stop! Instead of helping, most steered clear and even tried to tell Lily to do the same saying to be wary of COVID-19!

As if that’s a damn excuse NOT to help somebody. That’s making excuses just because you’re too damn lazy to get involved.


Guys, when somebody faints, there’s got to be a damn medical reason. You don’t just do it for kicks. It could turn out to be minor (exhaustion) but it could also be a potentially life threatening incident. Call 995 IMMEDIATELY instead of hanging around, ignoring or moving on. Doesn’t matter if it’s a duplicate call, the operators will sort that out! The most important thing is to call!

Fortunately, Lily’s not stonehearted like the rest of the people there. She did just that and got a hold of medical personnel. Then like any kind Samaritan, she waited for help to come.

While we don’t know what the fate of the man ultimately was, Lily suspects he was just overworked, so perhaps he’s ok. Hopefully, the medical aid he got will help him to recover fully with no lingering issues due to people ignoring him.

The fact remains though; we should ALWAYS help somebody in need, not expect somebody else to step up.

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