SMRT Death Met With Speculation, Political Commentary By Netizens.

On February 25, last night, SMRT services were disrupted once again; along the East-West MRT Line. The only information given during that time was that an incident had occurred. Disrupted services have been all too common for SMRT recently; thus, I didn’t give much thought to it. However, everything changed when the incident was declared to be a death.

As in somebody died on the tracks after being run over by an MRT train.

According to Mothership, the deceased man has been confirmed to be 31 years old, and so far, the police do not suspect any foul play was involved.

It is still unclear how the man got himself on the tracks despite the high fences, but I honestly can’t tell which is more shocking. The fact he got on the lanes or the fact that such a young man got himself killed.

While it is unclear if the man committed suicide, it seems most likely to be the case. And on that point, most Netizens seem to agree collectively.

As for some, they are concerned if this was a crazy Tiktok stunt gone completely wrong. It’s completely within the realm of possibility considering the lengths some will go to just to a whiff of fame.

Hopefully, that’s not true; then again, it’s not entirely impossible.

And as for the rest of the people, they are going about it in a completely different route. They have decided to use this incident as a means to voice out their dissatisfaction with the Government.

Vultures all of them.

Come on people, somebody just died and you’re using it as an excuse for your political bullshit?

These ridiculous comments remind me of a saying: ‘To test a man’s character, give him power.’

Laughing in the face of death is one thing; insulting a death with stupidity is another thing. Perhaps, its time to look within and try to do better before we start pointing out fingers.

Wait for the police to issue an official statement instead of jumping the gun to force your opinions down peoples’ throats.

As for those contemplating suicide, death is not an escape. It never was, so don’t fool yourselves. I’m mentioned earlier how death by suicide is on the rise for youths, and feel the need to highlight it again for those who missed it.

Get the help you need (by clicking the link) before you become a topic in an internet site.


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