Spotlight In The Spotlight: Alleged Employee Emotional Abuse And Delays in Pay

I’m not the type of guy who goes out into the real world to get the things that I need. I prefer doing my shopping peacefully from the comfort of my home and away from meddling humans. 

Why? It’s simple; you’ll never know for sure if the customer service will make your day better or add to your already repressed anger. It’s always a gamble, and I’ve enough of it for a lifetime.

Yet, nothing could have prepared me to learn about horrible practices that Spotlight adheres to if I hadn’t taken the time to read about it on Reddit.

I, for one, don’t usually put much stock into rants on Reddit since there’s no way to verify if the information is accurate. However, sometimes the truth is hidden in the details, and it slowly becomes simpler to decipher with more accounts of the same matter.

And based on the accounts of Netizens, it is undeniable that Spotlight is a horrible place. Everyone seems to agree that the customer service is a joke, the prices are jacked up, and the treatment of staffs are insane!

If there’s one thing you don’t mess around with is someone’s pay, especially in Singapore. When it comes to money, there are some insanely strict laws, and it applies to everyone no matter who you are. Heck, I’ve even seen it first in the Army, the way they take into account every single cent.

Honestly, nothing could be stupider than to deny a worker’s pay. Its clear Spotlight doesn’t understand it as well as Netizens do. Allow me to share with you some insights on the matter.

While this situation is horrible, it’s even more terrifying to learn that these kinds of cases are all too common in Singapore now. Recently, Twelve Cupcakes were under fire for underpaying its employees for months. And now another company is practising similar practices and mistreating its employees.

It might be time for MOM to do a massive crackdown on businesses to ensure no employee is suffering in silence and fear.

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