Driver Involved In Hit And Run Accident With Dog Tracked Down By Internet Justice Seekers!

Karma’s a bitch…and I mean the female dog kind. An accident involving a doggie and a car usually doesn’t turn out well for the dog right? Luckily, that’s not the case for this one.

Come on, what type of garbage hits an animal and then makes a run for it? Hit and run scum that’s who. Thankfully, this incident ends with justice being served.

Instagrammer Rebecca Tan shared a story about how she found a dog unconscious in Chua Chu Kang. It was evidently hit by a car that drove off without checking on the animal’s condition.

Tan and a couple of other people at the scene thankfully managed to revive the injured canine, though that pool of blood on the road looks pretty worrying.


Rebecca’s plea (above) managed to get some good leads, eventually nabbing the asshole who hit the dog, Rocky.

It seems like the pup’s doing well right now, with the latest Instagram update showing the dog looking pretty happy and well…alive.


It’s great that this case has a happy ending (and hopefully a very punishing one for the driver) but hit and run accidents are getting to be the norm.

Just this year alone, there has already been a case of a hit and run where the driver tried to run away. Yesterday, Ibrahim even reported on another hit and run case…though this one has the driver of the vehicle literally running away on foot after the accident.

According to statistics, Singapore has a higher mortality rate from accidents than other metropolitan cities like London, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

That’s incredibly scary, considering how dense our country is with vehicles.

The moral here is twofold.

One: Be careful on the road or off it. Drivers in Singapore are pretty much crap and you’re in danger even if you don’t think so.

Two: The Internet can do bad, bad things…but once in a while it does something decent.

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