He Crashed His Car…Then Tried To Run Away From The LTA On Foot!

It never ceases to amaze me how humans are capable of accomplishing some of the dumbest actions ever. And anyone who disagrees that they’ve never done anything stupid is just a complete liar or a fool.

We are always on the edge of doing something dumb unless our common sense prevails, which only seems to work better with age, unfortunately. Hence the question as to why are we so prone to being so feeble-minded?

Well, heck if I know, but it makes for good comedy!

And today we’ll be taking a look at one such dumb individual that cracked me up this morning.

Credits to Mothership

Take a look at the picture above. At first glance, it seems like a terrible accident had occurred and instinctively you’d start to think about the well being of the driver. Well, you don’t have to worry too much because the driver is fine and on the run (literally). He tried to make his getaway on foot.

Let me start from the beginning.

On February 15 a car was signaled to be stopped by a Land Transport Authority (LTA) enforcement officer, along Jalan Eunos. It’s not uncommon for LTA to conduct routine checks, so there really was no reason to panic. Why would you if nothing was wrong?

However, the driver decided to not comply with the signs and tried to run away.

Here comes the hilarious part of the story; instead of trying to do his best to outrun the officer like in the movies, the fool crashed into a bench at Block 8 Marine Terrace!

If that wasn’t dumb enough, the driver then decided to get out of the vehicle and ran away into the sunset by using his feet. I guess he forgot that the car that he left behind could be used to track him down.

The Police are currently investigating the matter, but I can’t help but wonder why he ran?

Was he too high or drunk that he mistook the LTA officer for a Police officer? Or did he just thought that day would be a great day to outrun an officer by channeling his inner Vin Diesel?

I suppose we’ll never know until more is revealed.

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