Netizen Gives His Take On Inadequacies Of Budget 2021.

Budget 2021 just came out yesterday and already people are talking about it…and not all of it is good. In fact, quite a few are lamenting how inadequate it is.

That’s pretty much what the one we’re highlighting is talking about.

budget 2021

Tan Kok Xuan brings voice (or word in this case) to the thought many Singaporeans are thinking; too little is being done for citizens.

As he mentions in the post, only SG$900 million’s allocated for Singaporeans. Out of SG$11 BILLION.

That’s a little over 8%…8.18% to be exact.

It’s an embarrassingly miniscule amount to be used on the lifeblood of a country (its citizens), many of whom need help to make ends meet during these trying times.

For all its talk about putting citizens first, the government’s position seems to be just lip service or worse, grossly underestimating the help we need.

Here’s a handy look at what’s been announced for eligible citizens and households.

At first glance, things might look kosher, great even. Then you think about it and realize that the help being given to citizens is pathetic.

$200 extra for those eligible for GST Vouchers? It’ll barely make a dent. It’s not $200 extra per month, it’s a one shot deal.

Also that $200 for kids to be credited to CDA/ EduSave/ PSEA…how does that help families with kids that need cash to buy essentials? Can you use CDA/ EduSave/ PSEA for that? Nope.

As it’s been pointed out in the post, despite most of the money being reserved for businesses, it will barely make a dent in helping out SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). Without regulation on a minimum wage, workers will still be lowballed for jobs.

In the post, a couple of Netizens also voice support for Tan’s views.

Instead, it’s the big companies that will reap the benefits from Budget 2021.

However, it’s the last line that sticks with me the most, “While the rich dip into their savings and sell their assets, the working and middle class have to suffice with working multiple jobs, in times where jobs are scarce.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

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