Dear Idiots, Why Won’t You Mask Up?

Ever since Covid-19 broke out, it was mandated that everyone should wear a mask to protect themselves and everyone else. It was a simple request and an effective precaution to cut off the virus from spreading with ease, yet some people were against it.

Credits to Shin Min Daily News

Take this Uncle, for example; he refused to wear a mask when purchasing a beverage and despite being told to put on one, it only served to increase his anger. Eventually, the cops had to be called in to settle the incident, resulting in the man’s arrest.

I, for one, cannot fathom as to why?

Why are people resisting masking up so strongly?

In the case of the man, his wife explained that he was stressed out, but I fail to see how that’s a valid reason. I’m stressed out too but that doesn’t mean I suddenly turn into an irrational mask hating fool.

…and I wear glasses!

I won’t deny that wearing a mask can be uncomfortable because as someone who has to wear spectacles, the fogginess is a constant annoyance. Yet, compared to the bigger issue of dying from Covid-19, the annoyance becomes trivial.

I mean, I get it, most are stubborn, so change is usually not something they tend to welcome. But it’s time for everyone to realise that this issue is much bigger than individual needs, it’s a collective problem.

And I’m glad to see that Netizens also feel that. There’s no excuse for acting irresponsibly.

Be old or young, it’s high time everyone stops being selfish regarding the pandemic.

Wear a damn mask and be done with it, or else stay at home and never leave. Just make it easier for everyone else who doesn’t feel like dying anytime soon.

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