Accident At Tanjong Pagar That Killed 5 Leave Netizens Divided on What to Feel.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the weekend, there’s no way you didn’t hear about the crazy accident that occurred over at Tanjong Pagar that claimed five lives. Incredibly, Tanjong Pagar was also the site of another speeding incident just months prior.

February 13, 2021, was to be the start of the Chinese New Year…For these guys, it was also the day they died.

For their families, Chinese New Year will take on a whole new meaning from now on. It’s got to be galling that other people will be out celebrating when you’re only reminded of the tragedy every single year from now till the end of time.

While we do have an inkling of what happened, an official statement has yet to be released from the police. What we do suspect (and this might change) is this:

  • the driver was speeding
  • there were people recording it, which means it was planned
  • people were recording, which could also the driver has been doing laps around the area.
  • there were a couple of people there that knew the 5 who died

Various perspectives on the accident.

This tragedy, however, has a been a real eye-opener to the thoughts of Singaporeans.

After such a horrific accident, it’s natural to expect people to sympathise with the loss of life and the pain the families have to go through. And yet, most of us are not feeling that way, including myself. Some have even gone on to troll in the post.

I can honestly say, I feel no sympathy for those who lost their lives. I only feel sympathy for the families that have to go through this suffering, but not the individuals involved in the accidents.

You may be wondering as to why? Is it because I’m heartless? Perhaps, but that’s beside the point.

The point is that, in exchange for those five lives, other innocent lives were spared in the process. The greater good was achieved if you will.

Can you imagine the number of lives that could have been lost if this was happening earlier that day when Tanjong Pagar was bustling with people? Innocent lives could have been snatched away by their recklessness, and it could have been anyone; you, your family, your friends. Instead, they were spared by it since the incident took place at the break of dawn.

So no, I have no sympathy for this situation but relief. Relief that people I know in my life aren’t going to be killed by their stupidity. And I’m not the only who feels that way.

And after reading these comments, if you start to lose your faith in humanity, don’t worry; not all of us are realists.

People who are sympathetic to their plights and saddened by their deaths still do exist.

While their views may differ from mine, everyone is entitled to have one.

While I blame everyone involved in this situation, some are accusing only the driver of his recklessness.

I mean, think about it, do you believe that the driver’s friends couldn’t have stopped him from driving that way?

Both the driver and passengers knew how fast the car was going and knew what they were signing up for, but no one made any effort to do anything. They were adults, and they are accountable for their actions.

However, not everyone sees that way.

And lastly, it won’t be the internet without someone making a nutty remark about the accident.

Make no mistake; no matter what your perspectives are on this matter, it is a serious issue nonetheless.

Racing accidents are becoming all too common around Singapore, and unless harsher punishments are implemented, these kinds of incidents will continue.

Thankfully, no one else was caught in the crash this time; however, someone else might not be so lucky next time.

Watch how you drive, drunk or not.

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