Forever Alone? Here Are 3 Ways You Can Meet Somebody New This Valentine’s Day!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Valentine’s Day sucks for us singles. Being alone is bad enough, but constantly being reminded of it via Valentine’s Day ads and promotions suck big time.

I have good news though…well, at least for you!

While I’ll probably still be alone this Valentine’s Day, you could potentially avert that fate! Here are a couple of ways that might help you not be forever alone.


valentine's day

It’s free, it keeps your mind off Valentine’s Day and you (probably) meet interesting people. There are a ton of causes you can contribute to! Take a look at what’s available from this list and away you go!

Charities in need of help include animal welfare groups (like The Cat Welfare Society) and also other more human based ones (like Food from the Heart).

Whatever your choice is, the end result is the same…you’ll spend Valentine’s Day in an awesome way AND contribute to help your fellow man or woman or animal. There’s also another plus point that you might not be aware of; volunteering helps your mental health!

Win-win all around!

Online Chat Rooms

valentine's day

It might sound a bit weird, but online chat rooms are your best bet for getting over that singles hump.

With COVID-19 making meeting somebody a damn chore (and a potentially life threatening one), the best way to meet somebody and STILL be safe is just to nix the meetup part altogether!

There are a ton of online chat rooms that cater to pretty much every taste out there. Chatroulette and Omegle are just some of the bigger names in the scene, though there are also a ton of more.

Now don’t go thinking that online chat is a den of filthy, smutty streams.

Yes, they are (if that’s what you’re looking for) but the major ones I mentioned above are now moderated for Adult content, so you don’t have to tiptoe around just to get some decent company! There’s zero risk of COVID-19 too!

Binge Netflix

valentine's day

Before you call me out on this, take a look at the title. I said you’ll meet somebody new this Valentine’s Day…but did I mention that it’ll be live or in reality?


For the introverts (and lazy) among us, staying in and binge watching Netflix is a great alternative to…doing pretty much anything else. You don’t need much to enjoy yourself, just pick a show and sit your ass down to watch!

There are a ton of great bingeworthy series on Netflix so here’s a list of 10 shows I think you should be watching this Valentine’s Day.

  • Sherlock – Mystery lovers
  • The Crown – Drama lovers
  • Ash vs The Evil Dead – Horror lovers
  • Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father – Comedy lovers
  • The Blacklist – Thriller lovers
  • Designated Survivor – Political drama lovers
  • Avatar: The Legend of Aang / The Legend of Korra – Western Animation lovers
  • G.T.O. – Great Teacher Onizuka – Anime lovers
  • Midnight Diner – Kooky premise lovers
  • Samurai Gourmet – Food lovers

You’d probably have heard of some of these shows, you might have even watched some of them. If so, move on to something else on the list. I guarantee you all of them are golden. The best thing is, by the time you’re done with any of them, Valentine’s Day will probably be over!


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