The Falcon and The Winter Soldier trailer has made my week!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) officially kicked off its Phase Four with the release of WandaVision last month. And while it is an odd show, it has been a fascinating ride for the most part. Hell, even we don’t understand where the show is going, but we do have our fair share of theories regarding it.

Unfortunately, not all fans are on board with the show since it’s not the same MCU that we know and love. And it seems Marvel has planned for that scenario by making sure that we get all the entertainment value we crave in the next show with Falcon and Winter Soldier.

The Bromance of Falcon and Winter Soldier.

If Wanda and Vision are the weird couples of the MCU, then Sam and Bucky are the odd couples of the MCU. And the official trailer for their upcoming show proves that right off the bat.

The trailer starts immediately by making it clear that both heroes are having difficulty working with each other. This approach seems to be the running theme for the show, and I’m all in for it just for the constant bickering and humorous rivalry. I mean, who doesn’t want to see two Avengers having a staredown while the rest of the world burns down around them?

It also shines a light on returning characters like Baron Zemo from Captain America: Civil War who supposedly still holds a grudge against superheroes. Sharon Carter, who seems to be kicking a ton of asses and needs her very own show! And finally a small glimpse into US Agent, a new character to the MCU.

However, there’s a specific scene that we need to talk about right now. About 47 seconds into the trailer, we see Falcon doing the iconic Captain America’s shield throwing, and in its return, Winter Soldier ends up catching it instead.

Is the MCU moving forward with both Sam and Bucky sharing the mantle of Captain America? If Marvel goes down that road, they could end up pleasing the fans that wanted Bucky to become the next Captain America.

All in all, I cannot wait to see what the show brings to us on March 19th!

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