Police Brutality in Singapore? SG Netizens Reject The Fake News With Full Support For the SPF.

Police brutality is an ugly subject. In America, it is the cause of one of the biggest civil rights movements in our time. Luckily, police brutality in Singapore is a pretty much unheard of topic.

Despite that, there are flare ups of accusations here and there. Case in point, the recent arrest of three people involved in a fight with each other (and the arresting officers).

There are videos circulating online (which we’re not be posting links to due to it being fake news) stating that the cause of the injuries sustained by one of the arrested were due to the police. Several unreliable online sites have ‘reported’ that to be the case, spreading unverified hearsay as the truth.

Well, now’s there’s an official statement from the SPF that seeks to clear things up.

Which is all and good…but one wonders why not just release the body cameras from the officers in attendance? That’d clear matters up without any issues whatsoever.

Then again perhaps police protocol forbids revealing anything on active cases.

Even then though, credit should be given to Singaporeans.

Most of us know to stop and question things first, especially if it’s ‘news’ coming from dubious sources that are known to publish nothing but unsubstantiated clickbait.

Nonetheless, the statement from the police seems to have been met with a ton of positive response, judging from the comments on SPF’s post.

A ton of those who responded said that they’re completely behind the police in the force they used to arrest the offenders.

In fact, some are advocating an even more aggressive stance against violent offenders like the ones in the post. I honestly fall in this camp too.

If the boys in blue are up against people who don’t want to listen to talk, then responding in force (as much force as required) is certainly the way to go. Their safety matters more than that of the offenders and if they have to crack down hard on violent offenders, more power to them.

Singaporeans aren’t marshmallows like Americans who whine at everything they can. We believe criminals should be dealt with harshly and the rotan is a very effective punishment.

Like I said, not marshmallows like Americans.

Overall, most netizens are agreeing on one thing; SPF did nothing wrong and the criminals deserved everything they got…and should’ve gotten even more.

Most, not all.

Bill doesn’t.

At first I thought that Bill’s joking. I mean sarcasm is hard to detect online right? Somebody could sound pissed as hell off to you but they might just be joking around.

Then I clicked on Bill’s profile and took a look at his posts.

Nope, Bill’s not joking.

Bill really thinks what he writes is the truth. That either the police are in league with gangs or the police are incompetent. Bill, unless you have proof of your statements, those are defamations bro.

You’d better erase them or you’ll have the very cops you deride break down your door.

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