Dying Man Entrusts Valuable Cats To Pet Shop Instead of His Own Family.

You’re a dying man and you have 5 cats to think of. Your family can’t be trusted because they don’t care about what happens to them. What do you do?

The cases of animal abuse and hit and runs involving animals are increasing by the day at an alarming rate. I’ve never had any pets growing up and probably don’t intend to have one as I’m quite fearful of them.

However, it’s a different story for Sal, the editor of the site (and also The Technovore).

He practically worships cats (and pandas), and it’s through him that I’ve got a glimpse of how close humans can be to their pets. It also helped me realise that pet owners don’t necessarily see them as pets but as family.

He would rather much save a cat’s life than a human’s life, given a choice. Hell, even without a choice, he’d pick a cat any day.

That unique dynamic helps an individual to see them as more than just an animal running around.

Usually, when someone passes on, there is a written will in place. A will that is used to handle the affairs of the deceased family and relatives. But what about his/ her pets well-being?

In such cases, I guess the most common action would be to give the pets away, or the family chooses to continue to care for them.

It becomes a gamble, and it was one gamble that a man didn’t want to take with his five beloved cats.

It’s scary to know that you’re going to pass away, and I have to applaud this dying man for making sure that not only his family but his five pure Maine Coon cats have a proper place to live on after him.

He took the time out to make an effort to deduce a safe and proper place for his cats; without just dumping them at the nearest shelter. Now, that’s love.

Here are the kitties in question.

He’s taking his sense of responsibility to the grave, and that is honestly remarkably. And people are relieved to see the proper care that these pets are getting in this cruel world.

And it’s also incredible to see people rushing to give these furballs a new home as soon as possible…although some are concerned about the pricing.

If you want to try your hand in adopting the maine coons, you can head on over here to apply,

All in all, it’s a nice change of pace to see responsible and caring owners who’ll do anything for their pets.

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