Ho Ching’s CNY Warning Recipe – A Dash of Mythology, Mixed with A Double Dose of Reality

Ho Ching, if you’re unaware, is the wife of Singapore’s current Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong. She’s the current CEO and ED of Temasek Holdings, so she certainly holds her own when compared to her hubby.

That’s fine and dandy but not the point of this post.

Nope, today’s post is about this:

Let’s break it down into two parts; the awesome moral lesson/parable and the message after.

Part One, simply put is damn awesome.

I’m Muslim but I do have some inkling of the deities worshipped by other religions (and seen Journey to the West in its many, many TV incarnations) as well as watched a TON of Wuxia.

Basically, the Gods and Deities from Chinese mythology gather to celebrate CNY but a ton of them can’t or don’t show up due to COVID-19 related reasons.

My favourite line? This one:

Guan Kong/Gong should be familiar to most gamers, even if you’re not Chinese. He’s none other than Guan Yu! One of the heroic generals in the epic The Romance of the Three Kingdoms!

He’s nearly always depicted with a beet red face, which makes the joke spot on. I giggled for quite a bit at that.

As for the other dude, Tang Shan Zhang, you might know him better as Tripitaka or Tan Sanzang. You know, the Buddhist monk from Journey to the West.

Due to his journeying to the West, he’s been blocked from returning home! BURN! Awesome way to tie in a famous story with a real world situation.

The whole thing was good, but the part with those two? Golden!

Ho Ching then continues to talk about the potential superspreader events that the upcoming Chinese New Year might bring, and how lucky we Singaporeans are to even be able to celebrate it.

This part’s damn true.

Then there’s a little nugget of information that most people wouldn’t realize; COVID-19 is the most infectious a few days before and after symptoms show up. That there is the reason why we should all be ware of each other, folks.

You could be standing to a carrier and not know it because they don’t know it themselves! It’s not their fault but it’s definitely a reason to practice social distancing and limiting of social interactions!

So remember to still practice all the COVID-19 prevention methods when you’re out during CNY.

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