Netizens Outraged at Angry Woman On MRT Who Screams like RSM At Another Lady For Getting Too Close.

If you’ve read the posts and seen the memes, you’d know by now that I’m a proponent of strict measures to keep COVID-19 at bay. Hell, I even support caning for offenders who flaunt the rules in extreme fashion. Maybe Angry Woman from the video below supports that line of thinking…

But there’s no excuse for this kind of thing.

Video Credit: Stomp

I’m all for safe distancing. I think it’s a damn good idea.

You stay away from me, I stay away from you. However, practicing safe distancing is one thing, being rude to somebody else for not following it is another.

Remember this saying?

“Manners maketh man.”

— William of Wykeham

Yeah, seems familiar doesn’t it?

It should, especially if you’re a fan of the Kingsman movies.

What the line basically means is that our manners are the things that stop us from being uncivilized. Is Angry Woman uncivilized?

Seems so.

From the video, Angry Woman goes off on a tirade just because another lady stands near to her on the MRT. It’s so bad that people online are actually debating whether she’s fully in charge of her mental faculties…which is a nice way of saying she’s nuts.

While I don’t agree with her methods, I do agree with Angry Woman that the lady (and the boyfriend/husband/random stranger) should’ve moved in instead of standing beside her.

There’s obviously more space inside, why stand so near?

Some netizens also see it that way too though everybody says her actions are still a no-no.

Though you can also argue that since Angry Woman was there first (as she stated), she should’ve been the one to move inside. It’d have been the polite way to do things…the sensible way.

Angry Woman isn’t sensible.

Case in point, she doesn’t say anything to the Indian man near the end of the video who stands close to her.

While I don’t think racism was involved here, it is an interesting fact to note.

Also, a couple of netizens pointed out that Angry Woman acting like she was set a bad example for the kids nearby.

Totally agree on that.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Internet if there weren’t any stupid comments. This one takes the cake for its sheer stupidity though.

How self-centered do you have to be to tell others to stay home? Would anybody leave their house if they don’t have to? Hell, he even complains that people telling others to practice social distancing is an annoyance.

Please don’t be like him.

There’s a lesson to be learned here. Practice social distancing, speak up when somebody is not doing that or is invading your personal space…but do it all in a calm and rational manner.

No need shout shout.

All you going to get is internet notoriety.

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