Uncle Milo Rescues Lost Boy and Sends Him To School!

Yeah, the guy really calls himself Uncle Milo…but wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves! Let’s rewind!

Picture this: You’re 6, and have just started Primary One.

The whole month of January, your parents have been bringing you to school. You think you know the route, so when they ask if you’re ok going alone, you say yes. Then Feb 1 rolls on by. You have to do it alone. Suddenly everything looks strange and scary. You’re not sure you’re going the right way…and WHAM! You’re lost.

What do you do?!

If you’re the kid in the pic, you’re lucky because Uncle Milo has your back!

Uncle Milo

A Facebook user called Bobby Milo revealed a really heartwarming story that happened earlier today.

Uncle Milo

Awesome work bro!

On another side note: Parents please, please, PLEASE make sure your kid knows the route to school by heart. Even if they say they do, take it upon yourselves to trail them from a discrete distance the first few times they go solo to make sure they’re all right.

It’s great that this incident has a happy ending (thanks to Uncle Milo), but this has the potential for a tragedy written all over it.

Kidnapping, accident (perhaps by an idiot PMD driver like this)…the mind boggles at what could’ve happened to the poor kid if not for Bobby Milo.

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