I’m A Muslim And I’m Afraid To NOT Die.

Who would have thought that in the first month of 2021 itself, we’ll have a rude awakening about our safety and vulnerabilities as a nation? It has taken a homegrown radical to show us that everything we have is temporary, and without constant vigilance, terrorism could break it all down instantly. For me, this incident hits especially close to home as I’m a Muslim too.

Though I’m not exactly that religious (you won’t find me at a mosque most times). I’d also like to think that even if I got attacked, I’d give them hell before going out; but that’s not what scares me.

What does scare me is pretty common to what scares everyone in general; losing the people close to you in such horrifying acts and then having to live with the survivor’s guilt that you couldn’t do anything to stop it or that it was them and not you.

Can you imagine the agony?

The sleepless nights a person would have to endure?

Someone who you know, someone who is better than you in every way, someone who does more to the community than you ever have and then having to watch them pass on from such a selfish act of terrorism?

That thought gives me chills, and it’s probably going to keep me from sleeping for the next few days.

While the target of this terror attack was against Muslims, I think we all can agree that it is an attack on Singaporeans and nothing else. This incident shows us that attacks can come from our very own backyard and we shouldn’t take the safety of our nation for granted.

Safety is a right, not a privilege, but it is something that we all must work together to support it.

Hopefully, there are no more other young teens who are out there being brainwashed by rubbish propaganda. Muslim or otherwise.

Spend your time wisely; you only have one chance to not screw it all up, and this is it.

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