Raya: The Last Dragonbender.

Disney’s next big movie, Raya and the Last Dragon will be hitting Disney Plus and theatres this March 5. And the more I watch the teaser; the more it feels like it was greatly influenced by the Avatar series.

And earlier today, Disney Animation Studios released their first official trailer, and I must say that it looks pretty good. The action and animations look incredible, and the voice acting just makes it all the better.

For a Disney animated film, I didn’t expect the protagonist, Raya, to be so serious about taking down her enemy and about trusting people. However, I love this new approach by Disney; it makes it a lot more believable than a naive character.

Everything looks perfect, and yet something feels off. The movie is supposed to make way to celebrate South-East Asia culture, but the lack of Southeast Asian voice actors in it is sort of alarming. I mean it should be obvious that East Asians and Southeast Asians are two different sets of people.

Then again, I’ll give it to Disney that this is technically their first movie based on Southeast Asia and have at least gone as far as to make the voice actors at least Asians. Hopefully, next time they’ll cast the right people to portray certain cultures, and that applies to other production companies as well.

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