Most Netizens Agree: Singapore PM’s Race Don’t Matter.

As a firm believer in merit, I’ve always believed that the best person suited for the job should be the one doing it. Doesn’t matter if you’re blind, gay, deformed or insane. If you’re the best guy or girl for the job, have at it.

You’ll hear no complaints from me.

A variant of that statement’s recently been in the news, where the question was posed on whether the race of Singapore’s Prime Minister really mattered.

Are Singaporeans ready for a non-Chinese PM?

Like you’d expect from such a loaded question, the responses were incredibly varied. People from all walks of life turned up (or rather in this case, posted) to make their views known.

Reading through their comments, nearly everybody brought forth their thoughts eloquently.

There are also a couple of interesting points that sought to look at the question posed from another angle.

Some are obviously biased by how they view politics, but that shouldn’t discount their opinions from being heard and thought over.

For example, these guys, who think that we’re all not ready for a non-Chinese PM.

They don’t represent the majority of online views though.

It shouldn’t really surprise then that the comments all don’t care what race the PM is, as long as that person is good at the job.

Nobody wants an incompetent conman/crook like Donald Trump leading us.

I personally chuckled at this one. Sick burn bro!

A couple do make it known that whoever is PM, serving NS is a must.

NS is a rite of passage for most males in Singapore, so it’s not a surprise that some view it as a prerequisite. After, all the PM should represent all Singaporeans…so how to represent them if they never served NS?

A logical way to look at things.

One that Eric Ng eschews. Eric stands alone with his line of thinking and view on the subject matter.

He doesn’t care what you do, who you are, where you come from.

Only that you’re handsome.

We all should be thanking God that Eric isn’t in charge of choosing our next PM.

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