Hardcore Uncle Scolds Covidiots, Punches One in Front of Cops!

There’s something to be said for vigilantism. It’s alluring to be Judge, Jury and Executioner. To be beholden to no laws other than your own. That’s what Hardcore Uncle did when he saw Covidiots breaking the law and endangering public safety!

I don’t know his name (and perhaps none of us ever will) but Hardcore Uncle saw injustice in the world. He saw that nobody was willing to step up and fight!

So like all great Uncles, he did.

Like all unassuming heroes, Hardcore Uncle wasn’t there to find trouble.

He was there because of luck…and in his case, probably hunger. The hunger in his tummy strong (but hunger for justice stronger!), Hardcore Uncle went to the Whampoa Hawker Center to fill his belly with food fit for the righteous.

Instead, what he found was a gaggle of Covidiots.

These Covidiots were happily chitchatting away, breaking all social distancing laws.

They sat 9 to a table, more than the enforced limit!

These Covidiots weren’t eating but seemingly drinking (look at all those bottles!), bolstered by their sheer audacity, confident their numbers would stave off any who’d dare complain.

They were right. Many passed them, most giving them the stink eye. None took action.

Hardcore Uncle would have none of that!

Right from the get go, we see that Hardcore Uncle was eyeing his prey. From behind a wall, he sized them up. Like Batman, Hardcore Uncle was plotting. Always plotting.

Finally, he could take it no more!

Nay, his sense of justice would keep quiet no longer! He sauntered over from his perch, ready to take on the (probably) drunk Covidiots.

First, Hardcore Uncle tried tact.

He talked to the Covidiots.

Hardcore Uncle was (probably) civil.

His ally in Justice, The Masked Auntie, came to his aid too, talking to the Covidiots as Hardcore Uncle’s initial advance was rebuffed.


One of the Covidiots, sensing the righteous aura seething from Hardcore Uncle, bailed. With his walking stick, he staggered away, to continue his stupidity elsewhere less dangerous.

The rest weren’t that aware.

They still continued on, seemingly unaware that one of their number have gone…which mean that they’re unwittingly back in the good graces of the law.

Hardcore Uncle was willing to let them off the hook, but one of the Covidiots did something stupid…as Covidiots are wont to do.

He (probably) taunted The Masked Auntie. Or at the very least (probably) said something unmentionable to her.

That was the last straw for Hardcore Uncle.

He approached the crass Covidiot, planted his foot on a stool nearby and unleashed his Fists of Justice. Order (what Hardcore Uncle calls his left hand), held onto the man, while Law (his named right hand), delivered street justice to the head of the Covidiot.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the law had finally arrived and what they saw was not a pretty sight.

Hardcore Uncle was hammering a lawful citizen who was minding his own business, seated at a table of 8.

Alamak! Plot twist!

Devious Covidiots! It was all a ploy to lure Hardcore Uncle out and get him in trouble with the law!

…Probably! …Maybe! …Ok, highly improbable.

We never did find out what happened to Hardcore Uncle after that.

Police reports did state that a 56-year-old man was arrested due to the incident, but whether that’s Hardcore Uncle (hell…it probably was) or not is unknown.

Why Is Vigilantism Alluring?

The ability to mete out your own justice is irresistible to those who find injustice but are constrained by the law.

According to legal website LegalMatch, the reasons for vigilantism are varied.

That’s definitely one (or all) of the reasons Hardcore Uncle saw fit to dole out his brand of justice.

The Covidiots didn’t respect the law. They were openly flaunting their disregard for it. Nobody who was authorized to enforce the law was around. Take your pick, Hardcore Uncle probably felt it all.

Yes, vigilante justice is sweet. Yes, sometimes it does seem like it’s the only recourse.

HOWEVER, the rule of law still must be respected. While I admire Hardcore Uncle, what he should’ve done instead was just to slink off to the side from the very beginning and bao toh like any good Singaporean would do.

Then all he’d need to do after is get a good seat with The Masked Auntie and watch the law show up to smack down some Covidiots.

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