Godiva is Closing Its Stores. I Know How They Can Stay In Business!

If there’s one thing that no one can escape from is the fact that chocolate always wins in the end. No matter how much you try to resist it, it somehow still ends up in your hands…and in your mouth.

But even chocolate can’t escape from the pandemic.

Godiva, the luxurious chocolatier, is closing down all of its physical stores in North America due to the lack of mall traffic caused by the Covid-19 situation. Now let that sink in for a minute…a chocolate company, is closing ALL of its chocolate stores in the US (a country famous for its obesity).

That’s telling isn’t it? It’s gotten that bad in the US. I think fast food chains like McDonald’s or KFC would be hightailing it out of the country too if they weren’t based there.

Thankfully, the Godiva’s decision to siam from the US seems not to be affected anywhere else. It will retain its shops across Europe, the Middle East and Greater China.

Wait…what about Asia? I’ve seen a ton of Godiva stores in Singapore! The ones at Suntec City and Bugis Junction come to mind. Are they closing? …Please God no.

While this news is unfortunate, it’s the reality of business in these trying times.

Hopefully, the same doesn’t happen to any other well-known chocolate business, specifically in Singapore.

I’m a chocolate addict personally. I can’t live (or work) without my daily dose. When I was in Republic Polytechnic, I used to buy Subway cookies by the busload. Those sweet sweet chocolate chips. Mmmmmmmm…people used to say I was probably 95% chocolate when I was in school.

They were right.

Nowadays, I’m probably 50% chocolate sadly. Being broke does that to you. Your chocolate money is the first thing to go when you’re on a budget.

While Godiva is never in my chocolate budget for the foreseeable future, seeing the company close up shop in one of the biggest markets in the world cannot be a good sign for the company.

I have an idea how they can keep doing what they do best…Here it is.


I’m not going to repeat myself.


Here goes…


Look at those freaking prices!


For the prices you guys are charging I can go to the Value $ shops in Singapore and pig out on cheap Kit Kats, Mars bars and Nutella! Yes, I admit, Godiva chocolates are tasty. I’ve had quite a few of them…but they are not worth the prices!

Chop the prices and watch the (tightfisted) crowds come storming in. I guarantee it.

Oh yeah, you guys might want to think about lowering the bar regarding the types of chocolate available. Hoity toity chocolate is fine when all you want appeal to are the high rollers, but the plain jane masses have well…we have less sophisticated tastes to put it bluntly.

Gimmick flavors would draw the masses! Gimmicky local flavours would really have the Ah Mas and Ah Peks coming in droves. Chendol flavoured toffee? Musang King Durian filled chocolate? White chocolate sprinkled with Milo?

I have a ton of ideas! Hit me up if you’re interested! You can pay me in chocolates.

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