Singaporeans React Unexpectedly to New Chinese New Year Regulations!

It was never going to go down well. No matter how much the Government tries to sugarcoat it or how solid the reasoning is…it’s a losing battle. It’s a still a battle that has to be fought though…which is why the Government is still going ahead with its Chinese New Year restrictions.

Honestly speaking, I can see the reasoning the Government has taken. COVID-19 infections have been rising again and worse, there are new variants being discovered now. Variants that are deadlier, with higher infectivity rates. Public safety is paramount in case those variants have made it here, or worse, have mutated from the COVID-19 virus already on our shores.

That’s why the government is implementing a slew of new measures.

  • 8 UNIQUE visitors per household from Jan 26 onwards. That means ONLY 8 people can visit per day. Not 8 visitors in the house at one time, 8 per day!
  • 2 other households can be visited daily. That’s pretty self explainatory. You can’t go visiting more than 2 houses in a day. Better start your planning now.
  • During Reunion Dinner, no shouting or cheering or anything boisterous when tossing yusheng, as always masks must be worn at all times. Unless you’re eating that is.
  • No mingling between tables. 8 people at one table max.

These new restrictions come into effect just before the Chinese New Year, in an effort to stave off infection before something bad happens.

It makes sense to limit gatherings and encounters with other households as much as possible.

Unfortunately, humans are social creatures…well, most of us are. I’m an introvert, so I’m fine holed up in my house for months or years without going out.

Most people however, are pissed.

Nah…I’m just kidding. Surprisingly, Singaporeans are civic minded enough to be willing to sacrifice for the greater good. You know…unlike countries that shouldn’t be named. *COUGHUSACOUGH*

Take a look at the responses.

The majority of these are from the Chinese community, which is pretty heartening to see, as this is the biggest event of the year for many.

Even more surprising is that a lot more responses are advocating for even more stricter measures. A lower number of visitors have been floated…hell, some even support cancelling visits altogether and imposing a lockdown for the next few weeks!

Of course, it doesn’t exactly defy the imagination that there are idiots out there who are angered by the decision.

Instead of solidarity, these people are still clinging to their political beliefs. As we all know, vehemently hating one party is known to keep COVID-19 at bay.

There’s a magical third faction too…One whose comments are magical in the sense that they’re weird as hell. But sad too.

Clifford bro, I feel you man.

Just hold on, eh? You’ll be kissing everybody that’s not from your family when Valentine’s Day 2022 rolls along.

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