What Singaporeans Think: Is Joe Biden Good For Singapore?

After a long road of tweets and dumb comments, everything is going back to how it used to. Donald Trump is officially out of the White House, and Joe Biden has taken his place as the 46th US President.

While there are cheers for the new change, there is also hate for it. It’s natural that as humans, we often have a difference of opinions. The division of support between these two men could very well be detrimental to the country’s future.

But for now, it’s probably best to focus on the positive side like most Singaporeans are, by congratulating Biden on becoming the next US President and cleaning up the mess that Trump had made.

Yet, despite all that has happened, some people still seem to prefer Trump’s approach and tactics on various issues. And based on how people are attacking Biden, I’m honestly quite surprised to see that the support for Trump has not lessened even after the US Capitol riots.

Let’s not forget that there’s a third group of people to this scenario as well, who are just plain old absurd about it all. Well, at least they are harmless, I suppose.

The next phase.

All in all, there are two things that we all can agree upon. First up, is accepting that Trump is out and Biden is in the Oval Office. There’s no going back, the election is over, and it’s high time that everyone moved on from that fact.

Lastly, it’s high time to start the healing process. Sure, we all have different opinions on who should be the US President and this and that, but in the end, it’s not worth destroying each other and ruining relationships for someone who is going to be seated in an office for the next four years. It is foolish.

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