Teo Heng KTV Goes Under: Who to Blame?

One of the most well-known karaokes studios in Singapore is Teo Heng KTV. And unlike traditional studios, this particular locale is catered to being family-friendly and has thrived upon that ideal long enough to make a name for itself.

However, things aren’t looking great for them any longer. Due to the recent pandemic lockdowns and the deferment of nightlife pilot, their business has been immensely affected by the lack of revenue generated. This unfortunate circumstance has forced landlords to cut their losses and push for tenancies to end earlier.

In the interview, the Director of Teo Heng Trading & KTV Studio, Jean Teo, seems distraught by the impending closure. And as for netizens regarding this situation, everyone has a different opinion on the matter.

Remembering the good times.

Most people are giving their thanks to Teo Heng KTV to have allowed them to create delightful memories over the years. And are saddened to see the studio close down from difficulties.

It’s all because of the Government.

While some are straight out blaming it on the Government for it. Like how they have not been handling the pandemic well enough; thus, resulting in the destruction of small businesses along the way.

Adapt to the situation.

As for the rest, they are advising Teo Heng to adapt to the situation at hand by cutting losses and coming back later. Or to change this up, instead of clinging to existing models.


Despite it all, this is currently the reality that most businesses are facing. And given how the pandemic has drastically changed everyone’s lifestyle, there isn’t much anyone can do for traditional businesses.

Times have changed, and with it, the way we live has changed. If businesses like Teo Heng KTV is to stay relevant in the future, they have to adapt accordingly.

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