Former Teacher: Shame on you MOE!

The MOE…The Ministry of Education. When you think of them, you conjure images of scholarly scholars, unimpeachable in their correctness. They are the ministry of course, the best of the freaking best. The full stop to all matters regarding education.

You’d think so, wouldn’t you?

Uh yeaaaaaaaaaah….about that.

Remember the case of MOE vs the Transgender Girl?

Not to pour more oil onto a fire, but a former teacher’s chimed in (through Pink Dot SG’s Facebook page) with the most teacherly way possible.

Via the dreaded Red Pen of Correction/Comments.

Everybody knows the mystical red pen.

Where all your shame is brought out to bear with just a few words. The ink cannot lie, no matter how much you want to.

That ink has been brought to bear against the holiest of holies itself, the MOE…and it has been found most wanting!

So. Many. Errors. And. Corrections.

MOE’s joint statement (with IMH) is full of omitted information, double talk and smokescreens that give an illusion of progress while doing absolutely nothing.

The previous statement issued by MOE? Completely ignored. No updates on issues brought up or anything for that matter in previous releases. So what’s happened? Has action been taken? Are new measures in place to prevent a repeat of this?

Nobody knows because MOE sure as hell aren’t telling anything!

So many words, but none that matter.

Come on MOE. You need to do damage control and get your crap together! You can do better than this!


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