Sick? Visit Doctor! Don’t Saboh Can?

There’s been a recent discovery of an Administrative Officer of the Singapore Police Force’s Dog Unit and his wife getting infected by Covid-19. Despite feeling unwell, the couple had chosen not to seek medical attention until it was too late.

While this does seem irresponsible, it’s not entirely shocking. Honestly, how many of us have visited a doctor just because we had a cold? We suck it up, take panadol, and walk it off to work regularly because that’s how our mentality is. Work comes before health for us; it is a sad revelation, but the truth nonetheless.

Education Minister Lawrence Wong took to Facebook to remind citizens to seek medical attention if someone is feeling unwell, but it’s not as simple as that is it? If you’re working at a full-time job, there’s a limit to the number of medical leaves you’re allowed before it affects pay your salary or even your occupation.

And that fear has already been beaten down to the core in us, Singaporeans, and it is why most of us rather medicate ourselves than waste almost half a day in crowded polyclinics and a medical leave day at work.

Sure, given the current situation, we should take our health more seriously, but in truth, no one’s going to run off to a clinic for a cold.

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