Your Next Ice Cream Might Have COVID-19 In It!

It seems like no matter what we do to guard ourselves against Covid-19, it continues to exceed expectations to become more of a problem.

Recently, traces of the virus were found in ice creams produced by Daqiaodao Food Co., Ltd in Tianjin, China. However, the likely source of the virus seems to have come from the Ukrainian milk powder, that was used to make the ice cream.

This grave news presents itself as a new problem of infection, as cold environments are capable of prolonging the life of Covid-19. Thus, it’s possible that an infected cold product, that’s not going through any form of heating, can most likely be a risk.

The World Health Organization has assured that getting infected from food is low; however, I doubt that its a risk that anyone’s willing to take. And with Covid-19, extra caution seems to be the better option.

The scary realization is that most of us around the world probably spent our lockdown with tubs of ice cream, so thankfully, the worse did not come to pass.

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