What’s the point of Covid-19 vaccination?

Let’s be real for a second; at one point or another, we have all have asked ourselves this very same question. And with the vaccination slowly rolling out for all Singaporeans to accept or deny it willingly, it’s becoming a very significant question.

As far as we know, the Covid-19 vaccinations do not cure the virus, nor does it prevent an individual from getting infected completely. So even if you were to get the shots, there is a possibility that you could still get infected. All in all, the treatment is a gamble of safety procedures cobbled together against an unpredictable virus.

Sure, the Prime Minister himself has taken the vaccination to prove that it’s safe, but it’s the effectiveness that’s really in question here. If the shots are not going to make you immune or cure you, then what’s the difference between taking it and doing what we have been doing all this time?

One can argue that it’s to prevent the virus from spreading with ease, but given the numbers of infected individuals recently, I’d say that we are doing pretty well without the vaccine itself.

So what is the right answer? Do you take the vaccination and hope for the best? Or do you refuse the vaccination and hope for the best? In reality, both options can still lead you to get infected if you’re unlucky.

There isn’t a correct answer to this question, like most questions in life. Thus, it boils down to what you want to stand for.

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