All That Fuss Over WhatsApp Privacy Policy but What About ToonMe?

There’s a new craze in the town that’s spreading like wildfire called ToonMe.

ToonMe is a website that does what it says by turning you into an animated character based on looks. All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself or anyone else, and watch it transform before your eyes into an animated character.

While this is all fun and enjoyable that’s drawing Singaporeans, we tend to forget what it usually entails.

Most Singaporeans have recently boycotted WhatsApp due to its privacy policy fiasco and have voiced their complaints on every form of social media. And yet, here we are willingly giving away our information to a website providing us with (fleeting) joy.

If you take a moment to look past the colourful outlook and impressive functionalities, you’ll find the privacy policy. It states that all information will be collected accordingly, as long as that information is provided voluntarily through methods like setting up an account or linking it to third-party services like Facebook.

As for how the information is processed, it’s the standard sharing protocol that everyone has been whining about recently at Facebook. I mean it can’t get any more obvious than the statement that says ‘..and for other purposes related to our business’ aka to sell your data for profit.

We preach about protecting our privacies, but we choose not to pay attention to all the applications like ToonMe affecting it. Ironic isn’t it?


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