Homophobic Middle Aged Man Harasses Female Staff at SMOL.

Yeah, it actually happened at SMOL Lau Pa Sat. There’s even a video of it.

Singapore is becoming more and more like America.

You’d think that would be a compliment (and perhaps it might have been once), it definitely isn’t. Just take a look at America now. It’s been exposed as a country mostly filled with racists and idiots who worship a fool who thinks a legitimate election is rigged.

It seems that hate and intolerance knows no borders because both have reared their ugly head once more in Singapore…and this is just days after the MOE fracas regarding a transgender student.

Hell, that’s not even settled yet and now we have another one…

The latest incident involves SMOL, which is an organic food company with multiple outlets in Singapore.

From a Facebook status update posted by the owner, staff at one of SMOL’s outlet were harassed by a middle-aged man who definitely would be right at home in the middle ages.

Good job Uncle!

You learned something new (because he obviously has no idea about the LGBTQ flag) but instead of using that knowledge to empower you, it’s used to fuel your hatred and bigotry. Then you resorted to violence just because your world views don’t conform with the state of the world. Talk about delusional.

On top of that, you harassed hard working Singaporeans who did nothing to you.

Thumbs up! You’re a paragon of what Singaporeans should strive NOT to be.

I’m not sure of the criminal law nuances in Singapore, but isn’t vandalizing private property a crime? Plus, chucking the flag at one of SMOL’s staff has to be considered harassment, right?

Before you say it’s just me…lots of people online are thinking the same thing too!

Yeah, it’s definitely something criminal alright.

The Police should definitely get involved. Netizens also point out how ironic his actions are (that he thinks the LGBTQ community are destroying Singapore) when he’s actively displaying actions unbecoming of a Singaporean.

It’s interesting to note that none of the comments on SMOL’s post are negative. Not one of them is in support of the guy’s actions.

Sure, a couple seem to be toeing the line, asking for understanding (of how the guy might be having a bad day), but nobody agrees with him.

I do agree with these posts though…there might be mitigating circumstances on why he acted out. I also agree that he should be criminally prosecuted too.

Mandatory counseling might help though the Rotan is always a suitable alternative.

Hopefully, we’ll find out more from SMOL regarding this and what actions (if any) they’ve taken to further protect their staff from unwarranted assaults like this.

Truly disgusting behaviour that makes me ashamed to be counted as a Singaporean like that man.

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