British Man and Fiancé Break SHN (Stay-Home Notice) for Romantic Romp.

Love has always been an enigma. It could be the most beautiful venture or a painful experience; one way or another, everyone faces it. However, if there’s one similarity in every version of love, it can often make you do some stupid things.

On January 15, a male British national is being charged in court for breaching the Stay-Home Notice (SHN) in a hotel in Singapore. He had seemingly left his room on three occasions during the notice period.

While it is unclear what the first two occasions prompted his exit, the last incident involved meeting his Singaporean fiancée and lots of sex (presumably).

She had booked herself in a separate room in the same hotel so the two could meet; as I said, love (and being horny) can make you do crazy things even during the pandemic.

Unfortunately for her, she is also being charged in court for abetting the breach. Oops.

While this incident is an eye-opener, it isn’t as shocking. It’s pretty common for people in love to end up doing stupid things, and it has been happening for a long time.

The most romanticized criminals Bonnie and Clyde, are a perfect example.

Even though they were the most notorious outlaws during the Great Depression, people have always used them as a way to reference how crazy one has to be in love to do the things they did happily together.

It was as though their love made them believe that anything was possible, as long as they had each other. Thus, feeding off each other and ultimately making a name for themselves in the history books.

And while I’m no expert in love or criminal activity, I’d say it’s best if everyone at least tried to put common sense before love. You might just live long enough to enjoy your life that way. Or maybe not, but hey at least you tried.

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