Singaporeans (and the World) are Abandoning WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is in big trouble…and it’s all because they got greedy and stupid.

After news broke about the ridiculous new privacy regulations that WhatsApp will be instituting from February 8 onwards, a huge number of users of the app put on their lifejackets and did their best impression of people abandoning a sinking ship.

Frankly speaking, the new privacy intrusions are insane. Just take a look at what they entail below.

That’s…a lot of ask.

Do you want WhatsApp to know all that about you? Hell, my mother doesn’t even know some of the stuff the app wants to know and she gave birth to me!

Apparently a ton of users are agreeing with me as well. Everybody’s ditching WhatsApp and jumping to other messaging platforms, just as Telegram or Signal.

WhatsApp’s damage control efforts went into overdrive, with the company quickly putting this FAQ up on Facebook and other platforms.

Unfortunately, with it not featuring cute pictures of animals, babies or baby animals, most people will probably ignore it and not give it a second thought.

As always, Singaporeans have an opinion on this.

Most are saying Telegram’s the next best thing…though some have already given up on the issue.

Like Thanos, Zuckerberg too is inevitable.

These predictions might actually prove to be really accurate given how he has a track record of just buying out other companies and absorbing them into the Facebook mass.

Some are trying to be helpful, throwing in what they think is going on behind the scenes…though I think there’s a ton more that this guy isn’t touching on.


I would like to see a picture of the d*ckosaurus though.

It has intrigued me and my curiosity has to be sated!

This dude on the other hand…is making the most of the situation. ‘Innocently’ plugging his channel in the guise of being helpful.

From nowhere, Kyle just swooped in and posted this. Nobody asked.

So what do we do in the end?

Well that’s largely up to you. If you don’t mind so much about your data being shared, just stay on WhatsApp.

I know that I probably won’t make the elderly users in my family migrate…they had a hell of a time learning to use WhatsApp in the first place. Making them adjust to a new platform is more hassle than it’s worth…plus it’s not like they’re talking about national secrets or anything.

I also think older users will be going this route too. Familiarity is best, yeah?

Still, people are scrambling to find decent new messaging apps in light of this.

It’s a free for all right now, and I’d bet anything that rival messaging apps like Telegram or Signal are working overtime on trying to show that their app is the next best thing to WhatsApp.

I’d advise doing some research before you jump onboard any app, as it’d be useless if their policies are the same as WhatsApp or even worse.

Of course, if you really want to be secure in your communications, might I suggest going all old school?

Direct Messaging for the Old School

I guarantee you that Zuckerberg (or anybody else for that matter) won’t listen in to your chats.

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